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Lawn, Garden, and Farm

At Mount Vernon Hardware, we have all of your lawn, garden, and farm needs covered. We carry everything you would expect to find in a lawn and garden center.

Below is just a small sampling of the items we offer in our lawn, garden, and farm section. Stop by our Mount Vernon Ohio location to see all of the lawn and garden items we have in stock.


  • 50 lb. bags of copper sulfate
  • Crystal Blue pond chemicals
  • Fertilizers
  • Garden seeds
  • Hydrated and pelletized lime
  • Mount Vernon Mix grass seed
  • Ritchie waterers
  • Spectracide insect, weed, and brush killers
  • Swan water hoses
  • Triple 12 fertilizer

Livestock owners will definitely want to come in and take a look at our line of Ritchie livestock waterers. Ritchie livestock waterers offer the ability for your animals to always have fresh, clean water automatically, without any hassle. Certain models also come with a heating component to keep the water from freezing during the winter.

Have a pond that you’d like to look and smell a little less “pondy”? We carry Crystal Blue pond chemicals, which not only get rid of algae and dead plant material, in turn reducing odor, but also transform your mucky pond water into a beautiful crystal blue color. It’s safe for people and animals, so the kids and the fish can still swim happily and safely.

Farm Pond Chemicals Mt Vernon Hardware | Mount Vernon Ohio

For anyone planning on having a greener lawn or a healthier garden this year, we definitely recommend checking out our supply of hydrated and pelletized lime. If you’re not sure which kind to get, just ask; we’re always happy to help. You can keep your lawn, garden, and farm free from insects, snails, etc. with our bags of copper sulfate. We also have the seeds and fertilizers to turn your lawn and garden into something everyone will be talking about. And don’t forget to check out our selection of Swan water hoses so you can keep your lawn and garden watered during the dry season.

Whatever your needs are, you’ll find it all in Mt Vernon Hardware’s lawn, garden, and farm section.